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Take control of your life today!

Live Resiliently!

Sustain With Purpose!

Meet Master​ Life Coach Leah Anderson

“I am a living example of just how brutal life can be sometimes. Unexpected and stressful events disrupt our ability to focus on personal growth, health and success. I understand the struggles of maintaining a daily routine, raising a family, having a successful career, and just how easy it is to get thrown off track! I also understand the importance of maintaining mental and emotional health through our challenges. I am a multiple-time survivor of sexual and physical abuse; I am a cancer survivor and I have suffered great loss through death of loved ones and failed relationships in my life. I have learned through personal experience just what it means to live in daily survival mode and feel completely hopeless, lost and alone. I am here to tell you that you CAN overcome any situation that life throws at you! You CAN gain control back! The power to change your life is within YOU! There is resiliency, strength, wisdom and growth that is waiting to be tapped into!”

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