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Her Story

After surviving sexual assault at the young age of 14 as well as multiple abusive relationships at various stages of adolescence and adulthood, two of which involved mental illness and drug addiction, Leah Anderson needed answers for her own personal healing and growth.

Questions like; Why do we act the way that we do?  What causes someone to become an abuser?  How is the brain involved in mental health?  How does our environment contribute to our relationships?  How is it possible to have a healthy life and relationships after trauma and abuse? 

Leah began her journey to healing in 2011, which included earning her Psychology degrees, becoming a Life Coach with credentials as a Professional Coach, Relationship Coach, Youth/Parent/Family Coach, Business Coach, Executive Coach and subsequently earning her Master Coach credential. While attending school, Leah went through an intense 72-hour training class to become a volunteer advocate for domestic violence awareness in her local community.  Throughout her many years of community advocacy, Leah was able to connect with hundreds of women who shared similar experiences; she had finally found her own voice of survival and resilience.  Those experiences paved the way for Leah to grow and evolve into the strong, confident, successful woman she is today.  Leah continues to follow her passion to help others overcome the biggest obstacles in their lives, whatever they may be, and find the tools within themselves to be productive, successful and healthy. Whatever your struggles are, from organization or restructure of a daily routine, to healing and empowerment after an abusive relationship, Leah offers her clients comprehensive tools to aid in successful forward progression!  She is a vital asset to those who feel burdened, overwhelmed and discouraged by their individual challenges as she brings a very personal depth to her work in combination with her educational and professional experience.  

Are you ready to move forward? Are you in need of healing? Are you ready to accomplish your goals? Do you desire positive results? Are you ready to LIVE? Yes?! You are in the right place!

Begin traveling the road to the new YOU!

Contact Coach Leah to schedule your FREE 15-minute preliminary Life Coach assessment today!

Education, Experience and Accomplishments

~A.A., General Psychology, University of Phoenix

~B.A., Psychology, University of Phoenix

~World Coach Institute (WCI), credentialed as CPC, CYPFC, CRC, CBC, CEC in addition to Master Coach designation

~Creator of the EmpowerYOU!® Abuse Recovery Program for Women and EmpowerYOUTH!® Empowerment Program for at-risk youth

“Leah is an award-winning Life Coach, with nearly 10 years of experience working with Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault survivors. In 2019 Leah was named an honoree of the renowned Trademark Women of Distinction Award for her dedicated and diligent work in the New York City area.

Leah is currently located in New York City where she collaborates with NY Magazine Top Doctor honoree and Castle Connolly Best Doctor NYC recipient Psychiatrist Dr. Alan Manevitz, as well as Dr. James Halper and Psychoanalyst Diane Fogelman, to provide extensive coaching services to their patients. She is an active member of the Health and Wellness Network of Commerce, Manhattan Chapter. She also works very closely with various local Domestic Violence organizations and shelters along with Hypnotherapist Dr. Jami Epstein, in which she facilitates trauma and abuse recovery workshops which are open to the public several times per year.

Leah is an accomplished motivational and educational public speaker with focus on Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, trauma and dating violence, women's empowerment and LGBT advocacy. She is currently advancing in her educational goals and is working towards her Master's Degree in Psychology as well as writing her first book, an autobiography.”


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