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As a 3-time Domestic Violence survivor, Leah has experienced firsthand the trauma and devastation that abusive relationships cause. While each relationship was different, she was introduced to extreme physical violence in an adolescent dating relationship and subsequently experienced mental illness and drug addiction in the abusive relationships that followed. Those were the most trying times in her life, yet she survived each out of instinct and a will to claim her life back.

With safety as the main priority, Leah understands that it's not as simple as "just leaving" an abuser. There is extensive physical and mental anguish that one must overcome in order to live a healthy life after abuse. In addition, victim shame and blame is sadly prominent in society today. Through personal knowledge and education, she has brought her testimony to the ears of other Domestic Violence survivors as a community advocate and educator.

Domestic Violence Impacts 1 in 3 Women

Since 2011, Leah has been very active in community outreach to include peer counseling, support groups, public education and facilitating abuse recovery workshops. She is a testimony to other survivors who may feel lost, misunderstood, shamed and blamed! There IS recovery after abuse! It is Leah's heartfelt passion to help those who need to find their path to healing, life fulfillment and personal empowerment!

On a typical day, there are more than 20,000 phone calls placed to domestic violence hotlines nationwide.

Nearly half of all women in the United States have experienced psychological aggression by an intimate partner in their lifetime

Domestic abuse is a personal and traumatic experience, most people just don't come out and yell ME TOO, unless someone else says it's okay! Submit an anonymous story about your experience with domestic violence. Lets bring awareness to this cause.


In 2012 Leah was asked to create a program for women who were currently residing in a Domestic Violence shelter that would give them the tools and resources to heal and transition back into society with the ability to live functional, healthy lives.  She went on to develop her groundbreaking program: Empower YOU! Abuse Recovery Program for Women®.  This phenomenal program helps domestic violence survivors identify and overcome the difficult emotional healing that must take place in order to move forward.  

Components of the program cover: 



*Healthy Relationships

*Career and Financial Preparedness


Call or email today for more information on this powerfully unique program!

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