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What Coach Leah's past and present clients are saying:

After my 5-year relationship ended, which was filled with mental abuse and manipulation, I turned to Coach Leah to help me figure out my healing process.  She connected with me on a level of understanding that I was not expecting.  She was able to help me overcome my negative thoughts, fears and the emotional barriers that were blocking me.  I learned more about how triggers and anxiety were affecting my daily functions.  She helped me learn how to accept my past and live in my present.  I've learned healthy new habits and how to structure my life exactly how I want it to be! I'm proud to say that I'm a whole new woman and that I'm finally in a healthy, supportive and respectful relationship!  Thank you so much Coach Leah, my life changed for the better because of you!

M.D. - current client, New York NY

I spent most of my adult years treating others badly because of the abuse I experienced in my childhood home.  I did not realize how much pain you can carry with you from the past!  I sought relationship coaching from Coach Leah to try and figure out why none of my family relationships, friendships and intimate relationships were successful.  She opened my eyes to the emotional healing that needed to take place!  I was able to confront my past, as well as myself, and close the door to a chapter of my life that was literally bogging me down! 

R.S. - former client, Tracy CA

Coach Leah is PHENOMENAL!  Enough said!

T.Y. - former client, Tulsa OK

I attended Coach Leah's workshop in 2013, after living in a domestic violence shelter for 3 months with my 2-year old daughter.  My ex-husband controlled everything in my life, including what I ate, wore, how I spent money and cared for our daughter.  I felt hopeless and honestly didn't want to leave the comfort and security of the shelter.  After the workshop, I felt like I had the potential to create a whole new life for me and my daughter!  I learned more about how to cope with my feelings and I even learned how to make a budget for myself.  Coach Leah even helped me write my first resume and did practice interviews with me!  I'm forever grateful for the knowledge she shared with me and her commitment to seeing me and my daughter start living new lives.  She still checks in from time to time and that shows me that she genuinely cares!

A.P. - former client, Stockton CA

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